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Fraud investigations are a drain on resources, time and money for insurance companies. Conservatively, fraud steals $80 billion a year across all lines of insurance. (Coalition Against Insurance Fraud). While organized criminal networks are growing in numbers and sophistication, insurance companies are faced with reductions in staff and resources dedicated to combating insurance fraud. At SKOOP, we recognize that the inability to timely and efficiently navigate a complex investigation comes at a cost – millions of dollars of lost revenue each year.Learn more about the Virtual investigator and request a demo today.

Skoop Analytics


Identifying a potential target or an organized outfit of multiple key players, requires a coordinated effort of fact gathering from multiple sources – both internal and external data.

Skoop Analytics


One of the biggest vulnerabilities had by insurance companies is quite simple – time. Moving quickly and efficiently when investigating complex cases are key concepts to combatting insurance fraud.

Skoop Analytics


Incorporating advanced analytics and predictive modeling results in strategic informed business decisions.

Medical Provider Fraud Technology

Skoop Analytics

Deep Insights

The Virtual Investigator is designed to aggregate relevant data sources when identifying potential fraudsters and organized outfits.

Skoop Analytics

Augmented Intelligence

The Virtual Investigator is designed to analyze big data to uncover patterns and correlations that would otherwise go undetected when using traditional methods.

Skoop Analytics

Predictive Analytics

The Virtual Investigator is designed to empower the SIU professional and ensure a proactive and not reactive approach to fraud investigations.

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